Veteran Success Story


Chronic fatigue, brain-fog, and vertigo plagued me for years, and was getting progressively worse.  After seeking help from a multitude of medical professionals, and trying everything prescribed with little to no success, I was out of traditional medical options.  Frustrated, I resigned myself to coping as best as I could with my deteriorating health.  Over the years as my health slowly worsened, it was by luck that I met a Marine Desert Storm veteran who suffered from similar ailments.  Yet he told me of a program that enabled him to stop, and reverse, the downward slide of his health issues.  This chance encounter is how I first learned of the Sauna Detoxification program.

As a career Marine with multiple combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, many of my tours overseas had me living in remote areas.  Everything that we discarded was disposed of in the burn pit located on each site.  Due to the small size of our outposts, and the close proximity of the burn pits, we were inhaling various amounts of the smoke, dependent on the prevailing winds that day.  This is what I believe to be partially responsible for my health issues, the other half being the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) I have been diagnosed with.  It is impossible to pinpoint what ailments are linked to what exposure, however the increasing fatigue, brain-fog, and vertigo forced me to consider a non-traditional medical approach. 

Regardless of how many hours of sleep I would get, I would wake up tired.  Sleep was not restorative to my energy; it only subtracted hours from my day.  I would wake up tired, get progressively more run-down as the day progressed, and go to bed that night exhausted.  The fatigue negatively impacted everything I did during the day.  At nights as soon as my head hit the pillow I would fall asleep.  I had seen several doctors about this and been told “I practice good sleep hygiene” (meaning my nightly routine before bedtime is not something that would contribute to my fatigue), with all of these doctors wanting to prescribe sleep medications. 

The brain-fog would set in late morning.  If there was any work that entailed detailed focused thinking I would need to have it completed by noon, otherwise it would have to wait until the next day.  The brain-fog would relegate afternoons to tasks that required little thought and mostly manual labor.  What was once immediately known and recalled to memory took focused thought.  I would catch myself starting the same task multiple times, as well as talking to my wife about the same topic multiple times in an evening.  I began to question everything I did, while writing down tasks I needed to accomplish and conversations I had had, and with whom.  I felt as if I was slowly losing my mind.  This was combined with bouts of vertigo in the A.M. hours.  Whenever I woke from a night’s sleep, I would need to sit up in bed for a few minutes to gain my bearing and to establish an initial anchor-point before moving.  As I would stand up I would need to reach out with my hands to steady myself on known, immovable sturdy objects, as I navigated my way across the room.  Being a career Marine with multiple years of sea-service, it felt as if I were on a small ship in moderate seas with the deck pitching and rolling under my feet.  Once up and moving the vertigo would slowly subside, sometimes taking up to 30 minutes to dissipate.  I was forced to consider alternatives to the normal “take this prescription” medical protocol.  

I started the Sauna Detoxification program in October of 2017 and finished 44 days later.  The slow degenerative progression of ailments described above have STOPPED.  The fatigue, brain-fog, and vertigo have all been greatly reduced and are now easily manageable.  I feel as though I have reclaimed my life from the fog of fatigue that had plagued me for so long; and this was accomplished without taking a myriad of prescribed medications.  The Sauna Detoxification program was the best investment in my health recovery and has enabled me resume my life.  I want to offer a heartfelt thank you to those at the Maulfair Medical Center, specifically Coleen, for helping guide me through the Sauna Detoxification Program.  Thank you



I recently had the opportunity to take the Sauna Detoxification Program at the Maulfair Medical Clinic. What an experience! Coleen Maulfair told me going in that I might experience some strange occurrences while in the program. It was obvious during the program that my body was unloading toxins, chemicals and some heavy metals. Also, old sunburns, Poison Ivy rashes, chigger bites and even an old injury came forth, although for a much reduced time and feeling, along with unidentifiable odors and chemicals.

I spent a year in Korea in 1968 serving in the U S Army. The main odor that was released from my body while in the Sauna program reminded me of the Korean rice paddies. And being there, inhaling that odor for a year makes it possible that the odor was actually from that experience. After a few weeks in the sauna program, the odor finally stopped. Good riddance!

About two weeks after returning home I noticed that I had more energy, my thinking seemed clearer and my overall health seemed to be better. My friends commented that I looked healthier and even younger. (Lost some weight while there). My energy level is maintaining, I sleep better and it is easier to stay focused, almost like a mental fog has lifted.

The Sauna Detoxification Program is an amazing treatment for anyone that has an overload of toxins and wishes to rid their body of them. Dr Maulfair maintains that environmental toxins may be the root cause of most diseases. Why not take a step to eliminate that possibility for yourself?



Success Story of a Pharmacist: 

Prior to doing the sauna detoxification program, I have suffered from long standing extreme fatigue and brain fog since 2009.  Over the years have been treated for hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, as well as Lyme disease for which I had been treated for four years with various high dose oral and IV antibiotics as well as alternative treatments such as IV hydrogen peroxide, low dose immune therapy, ozone and numerous oral supplement protocols. 

I was recommended to Maulfair Medical Center upon recommendation from my local Lyme Support Group leader as well as a Lyme patient who told me about Dr. Maulfair's chelation program with emphasis to rid the body of heavy metals.  

Despite all the past treatments, I was getting increasingly dysfunctional with my fatigue and brain fog and furthermore I was experiencing aching and stiff joints and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

It was not until  the chelation challenge test recommended by Dr. Maulfair did I have a dramatic response I felt normalized but only for 1 day.  I then proceeded to have IV chelation treatments more often in the hopes of feeling better. 

After review Dr. Maulfair strongly suggested the Great Plains Toxic non metal chemical test, results which are best treated with sauna detoxification. 

I can't imagine how "polluted" my body was over the past 61 years of my life-ammonia like peculiar strong odors as well as colors sweating out of my body- First 3 weeks were very trying- however the persistent encouragement by Coleen I hung in there and truly experienced a miraculous journey.  

I now have increased energy and no brain fog- I can now walk across a room without feeling like I am taking my last breath and have more exercise endurance and mental clarity. 

Special thanks to the Hubbard Protocol - it certainly is a tried and true method that works after many other treatments have failed. 

I want to thank Coleen who strongly believes that the Hubbard Protocol should be worked exactly as Hubbard professes with no deviation,  Dr. Maulfair who had made encouraging visits to the sauna and sauna twin L.R. providing the strength to endure this valuable program. 


I have had a Lyme infection for 8 years. I have improved a great deal with the treatments up to the time I decided to do the sauna program, but I felt the best thing to do would be to take any and all steps needed to maximize my chances of improved health. The problems I had related to Lyme disease were memory problems, dizziness, muscle twitching, clouded thinking and extreme daily tiredness.

I am a contractor and have had a history of toxic exposures that include cadium/lead soldering, and unprotected demolition, painting/staining and chemical treatments of numerous investment properties. I also did metal work including welding, cutting, and grinding.

I had sinus problems, headaches, and dizziness daily. When I started this program I initially noticed severe itching, dizziness and tooth pain while sweating in the sauna. I turned on old sunburns and had stabbing pains in the top of my head. My cheek and face and lip turned numb, swollen sinuses and a metal taste in my mouth during the early days. Then I started sweating out fragments of metal and tile from my face and head, a small red mark would appear and then a piece of metal would come out, went on for about two weeks. My sinuses burned while I was getting sick to my stomach and that is exactly way I felt in the past when I did soldering. I would come home from work those days and be unable to sleep and had headaches with a racing mind all night. The other employees, who did the same thing, also complained of these things and being sick to their stomachs. I had red marks on my forehead where goggles would have been when I was burning metal. Those marks at times would sting and burn and the skin got dry, turned brown and then healed. Dull aches like I would get from painting as well as sweating out white stuff, which just happened to be the color of paint I used, and the symptoms I had came and went as I was sweating in the sauna. One day I smelled like sewer. My shirts turned yellow and my hand towels turn brown, even with four showers a day!!

It still boggles my mind that those things were in my body during these years and in the exact spot of the exposures and that they can come out.

My girlfriend has been commenting that my skin looks younger and my eyes are brighter. Things seem brighter and clearer to me and I have an improved sense of smell and taste, I have no more headaches. The best thing to me is the increased memory; I can follow a thought and stay with it and remember much more details of any situation than before. I am not dizzy right now and I hope it lasts, it will be way lessened. I definitely have a better sense of well being.

I appreciate Mr. Hubbard for designing this program and having a chance to go through it and I want to thank Dr. Maulfair and Coleen for making this program available.


I have been utilizing, studying and recommending different detoxification protocols throughout my 25 years of private practice as well as employing them in my own personal self care program for longer than that. The sauna detoxification program, as directed by the Maulfair's, is one of the most profound methods that I have found for removing the accumulated toxins that plague modern humanity. The care and concern for detail offered by the staff and by Coleen Maulfair as she oversees the program enhance the value tremendously and I am grateful to have gone through the program, observed so many significant improvements in symptoms and to have laid the foundation for longevity and good health that could not have happened without this program. I recommend it to anyone who is truly interested in regaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overcoming the burdens of chemical toxicity.


After using drugs and working in a toxic environment for many of my 41 years of existence on this planet, my body became a storage tank for all these chemicals and residues.

I was aware of the sauna detoxification program but never had the time to participate. I suddenly had the time and decided to have a go of it.

22 days later I was glad I took advantage of the program. With the protocol and the military like organization of Mrs. Maulfair, I had a very positive result.

My outlook and energy towards life was greatly increased. Everybody should take advantage of this program. Many thanks to the Hubbard protocol and the Maulfairs for giving me a chance to better my life.



Editors Note: This person has a known mercury toxicity

About two and a half years prior to starting the sauna detoxification program, I started developing a tremor in my right hand and forearm. I also started feeling something like an electrical pulse and shaking inside my body. Sleeping was also a problem. Many times I would wake up after only a few hours and have a hard time going back to sleep.
After finishing the sauna program, my sleep has improved from 3 or 4 hours to 8 hours a night. The severity of shaking and electrical pulse I felt have diminished and the tremors in my right hand and forearm have improved.


It is with a profound joy and gratitude I write my success story from the sauna program at the Maulfair Medical Center.

Growing up (or shall I say “stunting my growth”) in the rebellious 1960’s and 1970’s I used a variety of street drugs. They all came to a stop in the mid 1970’s except for marijuana which I recently found the strength to quit at age 56.

All of the drugs taken over the years, aside from the street drugs…were drugs that were used through our legal medical system…prescription drugs, antibiotics, Novocain, nitrous oxide, ether, morphine, just to name a few. Finally, through this program, they were leaving my body with strange, unfamiliar odors. The shirts worn in the sauna for my 77 days have huge yellow stains. The last three weeks of the program, a large red raised circle with a white center manifested from both of my underarms. With them came some soreness and odors. They would fade in the sauna everyday, then come out again while I slept. Eventually the red turned to old brown skin that peeled and made way for the new skin to form. There is a strong possibility that they were attributed to deodorants used over the years. Heaven knows what may have developed had I not joined the program!!

Before starting the sauna program I felt good and questioned how much better can I feel after completing the program? More than likely, the feeling good was from the high I was living with the marijuana. Now, after 77 days of the program, I can really FEEL what GOOD feels like in a most natural way! My outlook is positive and I can see things more clearly through brighter eyes.

I am very grateful to the Maulfair’s for offering this valuable, cutting edge program, that was created by the astounding genius of L. Ron Hubbard’s work. I salute Coleen Maulfair for her loyal dedication, immense support and for being so generous with her endless healthful information.

Coleen and Dr. Maulfair are trusted friends to us all.


I came here as a last resort because typical medical facilities could not or would not look into why I was having seizures. 

They started when I was 28, it wasn’t something I had all my life. I had all the medical studies done and no one could tell me why this was happening, they only offered drugs. Other than seizures and somehow related high blood pressure I did not have other health problems, but I felt discouraged and hopeless. Life just seemed hopeless. 

The sauna program helped rid my body of toxins, some of which I feel were chemicals I had been exposed to like aspartame, bismuth in makeup and pepto bismol, and lead from the community I live in and the over all toxins in the foods that we eat. My blood pressure ranges at least 40 points lower than before the program. My seizures have abated and we will see in the months to come, after time has passed, as to the real benefit of fewer or no seizures. I now have more energy and actually look forward to doing house work and work in my business. I look forward to doing more activities and going places and I do not feel so burdened by the possibility of having a seizure when I am out and about. My sleeping at night is higher quality sleep and I wake up rested and ready to go. Without the makeup my skin feels a lot nicer and smoother and my husband noticed. My face actually sweats now and I can stay healthy, before with the body burden of past makeup use my face would not sweat.

I think it is amazing that somehow Mr. Hubbard came up with all this and I am happy to reap the benefits of this program.


As soon as I read about this program I knew I had to do it. I think Mr. Hubbard is a genius and I am thankful he cared enough for others to create this program for me and all the world to benefit from if they would just choose to do it.

I was ill for a large block of time in my life. There were many symptoms; drastic weight loss, depression, muscle pain, brain fog, insomnia and flu like symptoms to name a few. I was treated for about 8 years with many psychiatric drugs and many ECT treatments. These of course just made my health and symptoms worse. I have made it my priority for the last 7 years to regain my health. I have worked with many practitioners and protocols to cleanse the heavy metals that I believed were the original cause of my symptoms. We accomplished a lot. Much cleansing and healing occurred. But still I felt toxic and I felt sure that the quality of my health and life could be better. I didn’t want to settle so I kept looking. I found this program on the internet, bought and read the book and knew that this was the piece I had been missing. I couldn’t arrange to start the program fast enough. I was so excited at the prospect of cleansing my body at a deep level that I had not been able to reach with other protocols. I had hope again that something could really change now.

Going through this program has been a wonderful and fascinating experience. Not only did I rid my body of huge amounts of toxins, I learned that there were many other types of toxins, not just the heavy metals, that were making me sick. I also learned about changes I could make in my life so that I don’t intentionally make myself toxic. But the most important realization I had was this; I am not an angry, frustrated, scared, unmotivated person who can’t deal with stress and can never be happy. I am a person who was over loaded with toxins and felt bad all the time and thought it would be like that forever. 

I leave this program with complete faith and confidence that I have reduced my toxic load so greatly that my body can continue this process on it’s own and heal in ways it has never been able to before. I feel strong, capable, clear and I can feel my body changing and healing. I can finally close the very long chapter in my life that was all about being sick and desperately trying to get bad stuff out of my body and begin a new chapter that’s about bringing the good in, nourishing, healing and living. I now look forward to what I can do with my life instead of dreading that things will never change. 

I am deeply thankful that the Maulfair Center offers this wonderful program and that Coleen Maulfair is so dedicated to running it and committed to helping people change their lives for the better. Special thanks to Craig Edgerton for his thoughtful care and for making this experience as fun as possible. 

Thank you Coleen and Craig from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done it without you both. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program. Everyone needs to do this. It’s life changing! With Gratitude,


My Success story from the L Ron Hubbard Purification Program administered at the Maulfair Medical Center: 

I am a 48 year old male working in the HVAC/R trades for 30 years now. Approximately 3 years ago I started coming to the Maulfair Medical Center for assistance with various health symptoms. It was recommended that I participated in the Chelation Therapy Program & also the Purification Program. I decided to take the route of detoxification instead of medication and I am very pleased with my decision. 

Thanks to the Maulfair Medical Center & the L Ron Hubbard Purification Program administered at the Maulfair Medical Center my health has dramatically improved. I no longer need to take any form of medication, including pain meds. All of my faculties have improved and also my overall sense of wellbeing. As a bonus I no longer snore, my wife and I both get a restful night of sleep. 

Overall I feel wonderful and highly recommend this program. Special thanks to the professional, caring staff at the Maulfair Center for all of their help and support through the Program, also to my wife (TZ), and my twins that participated in the program with me JK and KR, and to the others that helped me through the Program. Best Wishes to All,

Love, SZ 


I'm so happy I attended your educational seminars to make me aware of alternative ways to wellness. After finding out how toxins build up and stay stored in the body's fat tissues, I knew the sauna detoxification program was a must for me. 

Years of smoking, rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, tons of x-rays, arthritis, prescription and non-prescription drugs were bogging me down. It was wonderful to know I didn't have to continue carrying a lot of this junk around with me forever by following the program's protocol. 

A year ago, I went for my annual mammography. The radiologist who read my film told me that the scar tissue from my lumpectomy 9 years earlier was growing. This was not a normal event since scar tissue stops forming after 5 years. Since my scar tissue was so dense, there couldn't be any biopsies so he and the surgeon's suggestion was to go in there and cut everything away. I passed on their suggestion and I'm so happy I did. Going through the purification program shrunk my scar tissue! I find myself more energized now I also learned how to select personal products to use that are not harmful to me.


I had been seeing a chiropractor for three months and still felt "something wasn't quite right." Although I was improving, there were several things about my own personal health that I did not see improvement of. I went to a free seminar about toxins and thought that the talk was directed to me. If toxins harboring in our bodies can cause problems and disease, I was well on my way with symptoms that were not providing a quality daily life. My father was also dying of Parkinson's related symptoms and I had watched him decline over 14 years. 

I found out more about the sauna detoxification program at another seminar and toured the facility. It was becoming clear to me that I needed this program for ultimate health. I had worked at a chemical company earlier in my life and had sprayed pesticides working as a landscaper. I didn't think I was in bad shape but my "well being" was not improving. I was not mobile because my joints hurt and my breathing was shallow at best. I had a yearly physical with my family physician who found arthritis in my hands and knee with x-ray and he wanted to prescribe medications. I would wake up with tingling feet and hands that felt like they were asleep and my hands felt like they were clenched. It was difficult to get out of bed. 

This went away on the program. I now run three miles with no pain and great lung capacity. My digestion was a problem I am not going to write about and now is 90% better. During the program I realized that the electronic gases I worked with over twenty years ago were prevalent in my "sweating it out". 

Today I can proudly say I'm a graduate of the program and I followed the process closely. I have gained all the benefits I was targeted for and a whole host of others that I had not imagined. I feel fortunate that I didn't wait until I was really sick to do this program; I was already sick enough and did not realize how great I could feel until today. The feeling of being 20 years younger, light on my feet, able to keep up with two teenage boys is amazing. My wife thought that I was a lot less negative than in the past. My quality of life has increased ten fold! For me, it's not about how long I live, but able to live each day with enthusiasm and joy and look forward to the future.

My father passed away while I was in the program and provided me the support and guidance that I needed to understand that life is not about suffering, it is about living productively. Mr. Hubbard is the man!! Thank you so much to the Maulfair Clinic.



I was addicted to a drug and life was in a tailspin, my physical and mental health was failing. I did not even realize how my mental function had deteriorated. I was suffering from malnutrition and sleep deprivation so I had all three occurrences happening with my body not even considering all the toxins I picked up just through normal life. 

All these things were slowly killing me. Basically the Hubbard program is the only thing that resurrected me, with the sleep and nutritional regimen and sauna revitalized me. If it weren't for this center and this program I do not know what would have happened to me. I would have wound up in a state rehabilitation center taking more drugs or not handling my problem at all. 

At this point in time I feel full body health and I know that I am more articulate and interested in life with a positive attitude and ready to face my responsibilities and become an active member of society. I am almost speechless about how great this program is, I would recommend it to anybody. I experienced this program first hand and it works. This program is a true answer to drug problems, physical and mental problems. It cleared my mind up. This program and Dr. Maulfair and Coleen have given me a second chance in life. I may have wound up dead with no family or home. That is the fact. 

I want to thank my wife for doing the research to find Mr. Hubbard's program. Thank goodness there was someone who took the time in his life to commit himself to the problems of others and come up with this program to help others. Thanks to Mr. Hubbard. It is not just for someone on a street drug, or a person with toxic exposures due to their work place, this program could serve everyone. Everyone can benefit. I am amazed how it helped me mentally. It would solve depression. Because of the whole program it positively affects your entire well being. 

I would highly recommend this program due to my positive experiences I know it will help everyone who uses it.


The decision to travel to Pennsylvania to do the sauna detox program took me a while to make. I didn't know a single person who had done the program and, frankly, it sounded a bit wacky. I had a long list of health problems, however, and finally desperation won the day and I packed up the car. I now feel this was one of the best decisions of my life. 

Within the first few days my eyesight suddenly sharpened and colors became somehow much brighter. Soon I noticed that my mind was more focused and alert. Vocabulary words that I knew but rarely used began popping into my speech with no effort on my part. Then my legs became stronger. My coordination improved. It seemed like each day brought more small improvements which, after a few weeks, added up to a lot--more, in fact, than I had gotten going to expensive and highly touted mainstream doctors for years. 

I found the beginning of the program hard. Each night I just fell into bed or watched TV like a zombie. As the time went by, my energy slowly increased (I had virtually none when I arrived) and my boyfriend and I roamed the area after the program sightseeing, playing miniature golf and visiting our favorite local goat. My mood lightened up subtly at first and then very markedly. I had been treated for depression since high school with, to be charitable, very limited results. I never thought of mood disorders as toxin related. So I was surprised to find that the program really, really helped in this regard. I am on no medication whatsoever and my mood feels good and stable. I was not initially convinced that toxins in our environment could cause a host of health problems. I was just hoping for any help I could get. Now, however, I feel completely sure that this is a very major factor in a large variety of illnesses and I have gotten more help that I even dared to hope for. 

The program initially seemed expensive to me; I now view it was a huge bargain. If I had done this years ago, I would have saved the price of it many times over in money spent on useless treatments and idiot doctors.


The Purification Program I can honestly say saved my life. I have been a heavy drug user for 11 years and I felt trapped in that pathetic excuse for life. There were short periods of time I managed to stop using, but I always ended up starting back each time heavier than the last. I now understand this is not my fault, the drug deposits were in my fat tissue. This caused the craving that I could not resist. 

The relief I have now, knowing that I can exercise and live without being restimulated, is enormous. The drugs also took away my energy and spark for life. Slowly as I went through the program it started to return. Energy not only returned it is as if I am a child of ten again. Happiness is in my life full scale. I know great things are ahead for me. Now I have a clear mind and clear body to achieve them. 

The process of purifying is a hard road. I appreciate Coleen for all the help and encouragement she offered. It was worth every minute of suffering to receive the huge benefits I have. I have found using Hubbard's technology has made my life worth living again and seeing the technology I can use to better my life in the future makes me feel like my life is open to endless possibilities of knowing myself and helping others.


I am twenty-six years old and was installing hardwood floors for a living. I had done this on and off for several years but had been doing this consistently for the past year. 

In March of 2006 my left arm became numb, the numbness spread throughout my body accompanied by an overall weakness and muscle fatigue. It got to the point where I could not squat and maintain a position and finally I could not walk long enough to grocery shop. I went to many medical doctors including neurologists who did tons of testing including MRI's, CAT scans, a spinal tap, x-rays, blood work etc and all the results came back normal. They were about to diagnose me with MS and I was having none of that. I knew about Mr. Hubbard's detoxification program and had wanted to do the program for many years because of my drug history, both street drugs and medical drugs that I knew affected my health, my emotions and my ability to study. As I suspected my current condition was caused by toxic exposures, I felt the program would be very beneficial for my health. 

When I first started the program I struggled to do the minimal exercise that was required, I could only work on a recumbent bike because I could not lift my feet to run. The sauna brought out the best in me, not being one to sweat I thought I would have a hard time but I was sweating and getting rid of toxins from day one. While in the sauna I experienced a number of different sensations; I found I was emotional, drowsy, the numbness in my body would change, I would have periods where I felt wired, silly and extremely exhausted. I had grey sweat one day, my hearing changed for the better, my vision changed when I was in the sauna and I now have a great sense of smell. 

I used to work with a product that was an epoxy, (a liquid that seals the concrete) which has a distinctive odor. In fact when we put it on the floor people would walk in and be shocked we could be in the area because it smelled so bad but we did not notice. During the sauna program I noticed a smell that I quickly placed as this product. It continued to come out of my body for two months, I could smell it and at times it was overwhelming, I would get drowsy and headachy and nauseous and I was generally disgusted to smell the stuff. My numbness was changing all the time and diminishing over time. I never believed that eating well and doing the minimal exercise I was required to could do what it has done for my body. I have lost inches without losing weight and I am toned like I have NEVER been before all from just 30 minutes a day! 

After being educated I gave up Coca-cola, Orbitz gum, junk food and the sources of aspartame which could have had something to do with my medical condition and I have quit smoking. I now eat all organic food and finally I want to drink water daily. I want to exercise. My health has improved in that I can walk much better for longer periods of time. The day after I finished the program I worked at home all day up and down stairs continuously and out lasted my Mom, which would have been unheard of prior to the program. I no longer have to ride the motorized cart at the grocery store and I drive a car again. 

I would like to thank Mr. Hubbard for developing this program because it has given me hope. As the burden of my health problems have lessened I feel that I can once again LIVE my life and not be forced to exist as an invalid. Without it I would have faced many incorrect diagnoses and medical drugs and probably never regaining my ability and health. 

I highly recommend that everyone do this program but especially anyone who has worked in the various aspects of the construction business.


In September of 2003, I had toes that turned a very dark blue and numbness in the bottom of my feet. They felt as though I was walking on sponges. I also suffered from severe headaches. After many tests, including a fat cell test, (editor's note: fat biopsy) it was discovered that I had a severe amount of toxins such as DDT, DDE and arsenic in my system.

I then decided to do the detoxification process. While this was not an easy task for me to do, I am very happy I did it as today my toes are the normal color once again and there is no numbness in my feet anymore. All the feeling has been restored. I think I have had only (1) headache since this procedure was done. This procedure is remarkable; I think without it eventually I would have lost my toes, not to mention balance and many other things that these toxins can do such as cause breast cancer etc.

I wish to thank Conrad and Coleen Maulfair very much for all they have done for me during this process and hope, as I am sure they will, help many more people.


Day 5 of the program. Today, when I taught math classes, I had an unusually high degree of mental clarity and sense of rhythm in my presentation. Overall, my students tracked very well with the material. Topics covered were graphical in nature, so one hopes that students will make a connection between the mathematical expressions and the graphs they are drawing. That connection was made by nearly all the students. The instructional material was of high quality, and both the students and I made good use of it-more successfully than I have ever seen. Even when there was some confusion along the way, they completed the in-class exercises with little anxiety.


By trade I am a carpenter and cabinet maker. The 32 years I spent as a cabinetmaker was spent inside a building 10-12 hours a day with all kinds of dust from the woodworking machines. The fumes from all kinds of glues, contact cements, paints, varnishes, lacquers, stains, paint removers and formaldehyde was enough to kill anyone. I've had many prescription drugs, anesthesia, x-rays, food preservatives, mercury poisoning, and the list goes on.