After using drugs and working in a toxic environment for many of my 41 years of existence on this planet, my body became a storage tank for all these chemicals and residues.

I was aware of the sauna detoxification program but never had the time to participate. I suddenly had the time and decided to have a go of it.

22 days later I was glad I took advantage of the program. With the protocol and the military like organization of Mrs. Maulfair, I had a very positive result.

My outlook and energy towards life was greatly increased. Everybody should take advantage of this program. Many thanks to the Hubbard protocol and the Maulfairs for giving me a chance to better my life.



It is with a profound joy and gratitude I write my success story from the sauna program at the Maulfair Medical Center.

Growing up (or shall I say “stunting my growth”) in the rebellious 1960’s and 1970’s I used a variety of street drugs. They all came to a stop in the mid 1970’s except for marijuana which I recently found the strength to quit at age 56.

All of the drugs taken over the years, aside from the street drugs…were drugs that were used through our legal medical system…prescription drugs, antibiotics, Novocain, nitrous oxide, ether, morphine, just to name a few. Finally, through this program, they were leaving my body with strange, unfamiliar odors. The shirts worn in the sauna for my 77 days have huge yellow stains. The last three weeks of the program, a large red raised circle with a white center manifested from both of my underarms. With them came some soreness and odors. They would fade in the sauna everyday, then come out again while I slept. Eventually the red turned to old brown skin that peeled and made way for the new skin to form. There is a strong possibility that they were attributed to deodorants used over the years. Heaven knows what may have developed had I not joined the program!!

Before starting the sauna program I felt good and questioned how much better can I feel after completing the program? More than likely, the feeling good was from the high I was living with the marijuana. Now, after 77 days of the program, I can really FEEL what GOOD feels like in a most natural way! My outlook is positive and I can see things more clearly through brighter eyes.

I am very grateful to the Maulfair’s for offering this valuable, cutting edge program, that was created by the astounding genius of L. Ron Hubbard’s work. I salute Coleen Maulfair for her loyal dedication, immense support and for being so generous with her endless healthful information.

Coleen and Dr. Maulfair are trusted friends to us all.


I was addicted to a drug and life was in a tailspin, my physical and mental health was failing. I did not even realize how my mental function had deteriorated. I was suffering from malnutrition and sleep deprivation so I had all three occurrences happening with my body not even considering all the toxins I picked up just through normal life. 

All these things were slowly killing me. Basically the Hubbard program is the only thing that resurrected me, with the sleep and nutritional regimen and sauna revitalized me. If it weren't for this center and this program I do not know what would have happened to me. I would have wound up in a state rehabilitation center taking more drugs or not handling my problem at all. 

At this point in time I feel full body health and I know that I am more articulate and interested in life with a positive attitude and ready to face my responsibilities and become an active member of society. I am almost speechless about how great this program is, I would recommend it to anybody. I experienced this program first hand and it works. This program is a true answer to drug problems, physical and mental problems. It cleared my mind up. This program and Dr. Maulfair and Coleen have given me a second chance in life. I may have wound up dead with no family or home. That is the fact. 

I want to thank my wife for doing the research to find Mr. Hubbard's program. Thank goodness there was someone who took the time in his life to commit himself to the problems of others and come up with this program to help others. Thanks to Mr. Hubbard. It is not just for someone on a street drug, or a person with toxic exposures due to their work place, this program could serve everyone. Everyone can benefit. I am amazed how it helped me mentally. It would solve depression. Because of the whole program it positively affects your entire well being. 

I would highly recommend this program due to my positive experiences I know it will help everyone who uses it.


The Purification Program I can honestly say saved my life. I have been a heavy drug user for 11 years and I felt trapped in that pathetic excuse for life. There were short periods of time I managed to stop using, but I always ended up starting back each time heavier than the last. I now understand this is not my fault, the drug deposits were in my fat tissue. This caused the craving that I could not resist. 

The relief I have now, knowing that I can exercise and live without being restimulated, is enormous. The drugs also took away my energy and spark for life. Slowly as I went through the program it started to return. Energy not only returned it is as if I am a child of ten again. Happiness is in my life full scale. I know great things are ahead for me. Now I have a clear mind and clear body to achieve them. 

The process of purifying is a hard road. I appreciate Coleen for all the help and encouragement she offered. It was worth every minute of suffering to receive the huge benefits I have. I have found using Hubbard's technology has made my life worth living again and seeing the technology I can use to better my life in the future makes me feel like my life is open to endless possibilities of knowing myself and helping others.


By trade I am a carpenter and cabinet maker. The 32 years I spent as a cabinetmaker was spent inside a building 10-12 hours a day with all kinds of dust from the woodworking machines. The fumes from all kinds of glues, contact cements, paints, varnishes, lacquers, stains, paint removers and formaldehyde was enough to kill anyone. I've had many prescription drugs, anesthesia, x-rays, food preservatives, mercury poisoning, and the list goes on.