As soon as I read about this program I knew I had to do it. I think Mr. Hubbard is a genius and I am thankful he cared enough for others to create this program for me and all the world to benefit from if they would just choose to do it.

I was ill for a large block of time in my life. There were many symptoms; drastic weight loss, depression, muscle pain, brain fog, insomnia and flu like symptoms to name a few. I was treated for about 8 years with many psychiatric drugs and many ECT treatments. These of course just made my health and symptoms worse. I have made it my priority for the last 7 years to regain my health. I have worked with many practitioners and protocols to cleanse the heavy metals that I believed were the original cause of my symptoms. We accomplished a lot. Much cleansing and healing occurred. But still I felt toxic and I felt sure that the quality of my health and life could be better. I didn’t want to settle so I kept looking. I found this program on the internet, bought and read the book and knew that this was the piece I had been missing. I couldn’t arrange to start the program fast enough. I was so excited at the prospect of cleansing my body at a deep level that I had not been able to reach with other protocols. I had hope again that something could really change now.

Going through this program has been a wonderful and fascinating experience. Not only did I rid my body of huge amounts of toxins, I learned that there were many other types of toxins, not just the heavy metals, that were making me sick. I also learned about changes I could make in my life so that I don’t intentionally make myself toxic. But the most important realization I had was this; I am not an angry, frustrated, scared, unmotivated person who can’t deal with stress and can never be happy. I am a person who was over loaded with toxins and felt bad all the time and thought it would be like that forever. 

I leave this program with complete faith and confidence that I have reduced my toxic load so greatly that my body can continue this process on it’s own and heal in ways it has never been able to before. I feel strong, capable, clear and I can feel my body changing and healing. I can finally close the very long chapter in my life that was all about being sick and desperately trying to get bad stuff out of my body and begin a new chapter that’s about bringing the good in, nourishing, healing and living. I now look forward to what I can do with my life instead of dreading that things will never change. 

I am deeply thankful that the Maulfair Center offers this wonderful program and that Coleen Maulfair is so dedicated to running it and committed to helping people change their lives for the better. Special thanks to Craig Edgerton for his thoughtful care and for making this experience as fun as possible. 

Thank you Coleen and Craig from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done it without you both. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program. Everyone needs to do this. It’s life changing! With Gratitude,


I was addicted to a drug and life was in a tailspin, my physical and mental health was failing. I did not even realize how my mental function had deteriorated. I was suffering from malnutrition and sleep deprivation so I had all three occurrences happening with my body not even considering all the toxins I picked up just through normal life. 

All these things were slowly killing me. Basically the Hubbard program is the only thing that resurrected me, with the sleep and nutritional regimen and sauna revitalized me. If it weren't for this center and this program I do not know what would have happened to me. I would have wound up in a state rehabilitation center taking more drugs or not handling my problem at all. 

At this point in time I feel full body health and I know that I am more articulate and interested in life with a positive attitude and ready to face my responsibilities and become an active member of society. I am almost speechless about how great this program is, I would recommend it to anybody. I experienced this program first hand and it works. This program is a true answer to drug problems, physical and mental problems. It cleared my mind up. This program and Dr. Maulfair and Coleen have given me a second chance in life. I may have wound up dead with no family or home. That is the fact. 

I want to thank my wife for doing the research to find Mr. Hubbard's program. Thank goodness there was someone who took the time in his life to commit himself to the problems of others and come up with this program to help others. Thanks to Mr. Hubbard. It is not just for someone on a street drug, or a person with toxic exposures due to their work place, this program could serve everyone. Everyone can benefit. I am amazed how it helped me mentally. It would solve depression. Because of the whole program it positively affects your entire well being. 

I would highly recommend this program due to my positive experiences I know it will help everyone who uses it.


The decision to travel to Pennsylvania to do the sauna detox program took me a while to make. I didn't know a single person who had done the program and, frankly, it sounded a bit wacky. I had a long list of health problems, however, and finally desperation won the day and I packed up the car. I now feel this was one of the best decisions of my life. 

Within the first few days my eyesight suddenly sharpened and colors became somehow much brighter. Soon I noticed that my mind was more focused and alert. Vocabulary words that I knew but rarely used began popping into my speech with no effort on my part. Then my legs became stronger. My coordination improved. It seemed like each day brought more small improvements which, after a few weeks, added up to a lot--more, in fact, than I had gotten going to expensive and highly touted mainstream doctors for years. 

I found the beginning of the program hard. Each night I just fell into bed or watched TV like a zombie. As the time went by, my energy slowly increased (I had virtually none when I arrived) and my boyfriend and I roamed the area after the program sightseeing, playing miniature golf and visiting our favorite local goat. My mood lightened up subtly at first and then very markedly. I had been treated for depression since high school with, to be charitable, very limited results. I never thought of mood disorders as toxin related. So I was surprised to find that the program really, really helped in this regard. I am on no medication whatsoever and my mood feels good and stable. I was not initially convinced that toxins in our environment could cause a host of health problems. I was just hoping for any help I could get. Now, however, I feel completely sure that this is a very major factor in a large variety of illnesses and I have gotten more help that I even dared to hope for. 

The program initially seemed expensive to me; I now view it was a huge bargain. If I had done this years ago, I would have saved the price of it many times over in money spent on useless treatments and idiot doctors.