I recently had the opportunity to take the Sauna Detoxification Program at the Maulfair Medical Clinic. What an experience! Coleen Maulfair told me going in that I might experience some strange occurrences while in the program. It was obvious during the program that my body was unloading toxins, chemicals and some heavy metals. Also, old sunburns, Poison Ivy rashes, chigger bites and even an old injury came forth, although for a much reduced time and feeling, along with unidentifiable odors and chemicals.

I spent a year in Korea in 1968 serving in the U S Army. The main odor that was released from my body while in the Sauna program reminded me of the Korean rice paddies. And being there, inhaling that odor for a year makes it possible that the odor was actually from that experience. After a few weeks in the sauna program, the odor finally stopped. Good riddance!

About two weeks after returning home I noticed that I had more energy, my thinking seemed clearer and my overall health seemed to be better. My friends commented that I looked healthier and even younger. (Lost some weight while there). My energy level is maintaining, I sleep better and it is easier to stay focused, almost like a mental fog has lifted.

The Sauna Detoxification Program is an amazing treatment for anyone that has an overload of toxins and wishes to rid their body of them. Dr Maulfair maintains that environmental toxins may be the root cause of most diseases. Why not take a step to eliminate that possibility for yourself?