toxic exposure

I have had a Lyme infection for 8 years. I have improved a great deal with the treatments up to the time I decided to do the sauna program, but I felt the best thing to do would be to take any and all steps needed to maximize my chances of improved health. The problems I had related to Lyme disease were memory problems, dizziness, muscle twitching, clouded thinking and extreme daily tiredness.

I am a contractor and have had a history of toxic exposures that include cadium/lead soldering, and unprotected demolition, painting/staining and chemical treatments of numerous investment properties. I also did metal work including welding, cutting, and grinding.

I had sinus problems, headaches, and dizziness daily. When I started this program I initially noticed severe itching, dizziness and tooth pain while sweating in the sauna. I turned on old sunburns and had stabbing pains in the top of my head. My cheek and face and lip turned numb, swollen sinuses and a metal taste in my mouth during the early days. Then I started sweating out fragments of metal and tile from my face and head, a small red mark would appear and then a piece of metal would come out, went on for about two weeks. My sinuses burned while I was getting sick to my stomach and that is exactly way I felt in the past when I did soldering. I would come home from work those days and be unable to sleep and had headaches with a racing mind all night. The other employees, who did the same thing, also complained of these things and being sick to their stomachs. I had red marks on my forehead where goggles would have been when I was burning metal. Those marks at times would sting and burn and the skin got dry, turned brown and then healed. Dull aches like I would get from painting as well as sweating out white stuff, which just happened to be the color of paint I used, and the symptoms I had came and went as I was sweating in the sauna. One day I smelled like sewer. My shirts turned yellow and my hand towels turn brown, even with four showers a day!!

It still boggles my mind that those things were in my body during these years and in the exact spot of the exposures and that they can come out.

My girlfriend has been commenting that my skin looks younger and my eyes are brighter. Things seem brighter and clearer to me and I have an improved sense of smell and taste, I have no more headaches. The best thing to me is the increased memory; I can follow a thought and stay with it and remember much more details of any situation than before. I am not dizzy right now and I hope it lasts, it will be way lessened. I definitely have a better sense of well being.

I appreciate Mr. Hubbard for designing this program and having a chance to go through it and I want to thank Dr. Maulfair and Coleen for making this program available.


I was addicted to a drug and life was in a tailspin, my physical and mental health was failing. I did not even realize how my mental function had deteriorated. I was suffering from malnutrition and sleep deprivation so I had all three occurrences happening with my body not even considering all the toxins I picked up just through normal life. 

All these things were slowly killing me. Basically the Hubbard program is the only thing that resurrected me, with the sleep and nutritional regimen and sauna revitalized me. If it weren't for this center and this program I do not know what would have happened to me. I would have wound up in a state rehabilitation center taking more drugs or not handling my problem at all. 

At this point in time I feel full body health and I know that I am more articulate and interested in life with a positive attitude and ready to face my responsibilities and become an active member of society. I am almost speechless about how great this program is, I would recommend it to anybody. I experienced this program first hand and it works. This program is a true answer to drug problems, physical and mental problems. It cleared my mind up. This program and Dr. Maulfair and Coleen have given me a second chance in life. I may have wound up dead with no family or home. That is the fact. 

I want to thank my wife for doing the research to find Mr. Hubbard's program. Thank goodness there was someone who took the time in his life to commit himself to the problems of others and come up with this program to help others. Thanks to Mr. Hubbard. It is not just for someone on a street drug, or a person with toxic exposures due to their work place, this program could serve everyone. Everyone can benefit. I am amazed how it helped me mentally. It would solve depression. Because of the whole program it positively affects your entire well being. 

I would highly recommend this program due to my positive experiences I know it will help everyone who uses it.