heavy drug user

The Purification Program I can honestly say saved my life. I have been a heavy drug user for 11 years and I felt trapped in that pathetic excuse for life. There were short periods of time I managed to stop using, but I always ended up starting back each time heavier than the last. I now understand this is not my fault, the drug deposits were in my fat tissue. This caused the craving that I could not resist. 

The relief I have now, knowing that I can exercise and live without being restimulated, is enormous. The drugs also took away my energy and spark for life. Slowly as I went through the program it started to return. Energy not only returned it is as if I am a child of ten again. Happiness is in my life full scale. I know great things are ahead for me. Now I have a clear mind and clear body to achieve them. 

The process of purifying is a hard road. I appreciate Coleen for all the help and encouragement she offered. It was worth every minute of suffering to receive the huge benefits I have. I have found using Hubbard's technology has made my life worth living again and seeing the technology I can use to better my life in the future makes me feel like my life is open to endless possibilities of knowing myself and helping others.