By trade I am a carpenter and cabinet maker. The 32 years I spent as a cabinetmaker was spent inside a building 10-12 hours a day with all kinds of dust from the woodworking machines. The fumes from all kinds of glues, contact cements, paints, varnishes, lacquers, stains, paint removers and formaldehyde was enough to kill anyone. I've had many prescription drugs, anesthesia, x-rays, food preservatives, mercury poisoning, and the list goes on. 

The 33 days I spent in the sauna I sweated out many different things. Since I completed the detoxification program I have a better outlook on life. I have a lot less headaches, and sleep better. I don't have leg and foot cramps. I am sure more things will improve. The detoxification program is a wonderful program. The 33 days and the cost to have the toxins taken out of my body was well worth it. I wish I would have known about Maulfair Medical Center many years ago. I've been to a number of medical doctors and holistic doctors with very little help. 

Thanks to Dr. Maulfair and Coleen for making the program available. Also, I would like to thank Coleen and Jann for the great part they played in the detoxification program and the encouragement they gave to me each day to keep sweating out the toxins.