I came here as a last resort because typical medical facilities could not or would not look into why I was having seizures. 

They started when I was 28, it wasn’t something I had all my life. I had all the medical studies done and no one could tell me why this was happening, they only offered drugs. Other than seizures and somehow related high blood pressure I did not have other health problems, but I felt discouraged and hopeless. Life just seemed hopeless. 

The sauna program helped rid my body of toxins, some of which I feel were chemicals I had been exposed to like aspartame, bismuth in makeup and pepto bismol, and lead from the community I live in and the over all toxins in the foods that we eat. My blood pressure ranges at least 40 points lower than before the program. My seizures have abated and we will see in the months to come, after time has passed, as to the real benefit of fewer or no seizures. I now have more energy and actually look forward to doing house work and work in my business. I look forward to doing more activities and going places and I do not feel so burdened by the possibility of having a seizure when I am out and about. My sleeping at night is higher quality sleep and I wake up rested and ready to go. Without the makeup my skin feels a lot nicer and smoother and my husband noticed. My face actually sweats now and I can stay healthy, before with the body burden of past makeup use my face would not sweat.

I think it is amazing that somehow Mr. Hubbard came up with all this and I am happy to reap the benefits of this program.


The Purification Program I can honestly say saved my life. I have been a heavy drug user for 11 years and I felt trapped in that pathetic excuse for life. There were short periods of time I managed to stop using, but I always ended up starting back each time heavier than the last. I now understand this is not my fault, the drug deposits were in my fat tissue. This caused the craving that I could not resist. 

The relief I have now, knowing that I can exercise and live without being restimulated, is enormous. The drugs also took away my energy and spark for life. Slowly as I went through the program it started to return. Energy not only returned it is as if I am a child of ten again. Happiness is in my life full scale. I know great things are ahead for me. Now I have a clear mind and clear body to achieve them. 

The process of purifying is a hard road. I appreciate Coleen for all the help and encouragement she offered. It was worth every minute of suffering to receive the huge benefits I have. I have found using Hubbard's technology has made my life worth living again and seeing the technology I can use to better my life in the future makes me feel like my life is open to endless possibilities of knowing myself and helping others.