prescription drugs

It is with a profound joy and gratitude I write my success story from the sauna program at the Maulfair Medical Center.

Growing up (or shall I say “stunting my growth”) in the rebellious 1960’s and 1970’s I used a variety of street drugs. They all came to a stop in the mid 1970’s except for marijuana which I recently found the strength to quit at age 56.

All of the drugs taken over the years, aside from the street drugs…were drugs that were used through our legal medical system…prescription drugs, antibiotics, Novocain, nitrous oxide, ether, morphine, just to name a few. Finally, through this program, they were leaving my body with strange, unfamiliar odors. The shirts worn in the sauna for my 77 days have huge yellow stains. The last three weeks of the program, a large red raised circle with a white center manifested from both of my underarms. With them came some soreness and odors. They would fade in the sauna everyday, then come out again while I slept. Eventually the red turned to old brown skin that peeled and made way for the new skin to form. There is a strong possibility that they were attributed to deodorants used over the years. Heaven knows what may have developed had I not joined the program!!

Before starting the sauna program I felt good and questioned how much better can I feel after completing the program? More than likely, the feeling good was from the high I was living with the marijuana. Now, after 77 days of the program, I can really FEEL what GOOD feels like in a most natural way! My outlook is positive and I can see things more clearly through brighter eyes.

I am very grateful to the Maulfair’s for offering this valuable, cutting edge program, that was created by the astounding genius of L. Ron Hubbard’s work. I salute Coleen Maulfair for her loyal dedication, immense support and for being so generous with her endless healthful information.

Coleen and Dr. Maulfair are trusted friends to us all.