I am twenty-six years old and was installing hardwood floors for a living. I had done this on and off for several years but had been doing this consistently for the past year. 

In March of 2006 my left arm became numb, the numbness spread throughout my body accompanied by an overall weakness and muscle fatigue. It got to the point where I could not squat and maintain a position and finally I could not walk long enough to grocery shop. I went to many medical doctors including neurologists who did tons of testing including MRI's, CAT scans, a spinal tap, x-rays, blood work etc and all the results came back normal. They were about to diagnose me with MS and I was having none of that. I knew about Mr. Hubbard's detoxification program and had wanted to do the program for many years because of my drug history, both street drugs and medical drugs that I knew affected my health, my emotions and my ability to study. As I suspected my current condition was caused by toxic exposures, I felt the program would be very beneficial for my health. 

When I first started the program I struggled to do the minimal exercise that was required, I could only work on a recumbent bike because I could not lift my feet to run. The sauna brought out the best in me, not being one to sweat I thought I would have a hard time but I was sweating and getting rid of toxins from day one. While in the sauna I experienced a number of different sensations; I found I was emotional, drowsy, the numbness in my body would change, I would have periods where I felt wired, silly and extremely exhausted. I had grey sweat one day, my hearing changed for the better, my vision changed when I was in the sauna and I now have a great sense of smell. 

I used to work with a product that was an epoxy, (a liquid that seals the concrete) which has a distinctive odor. In fact when we put it on the floor people would walk in and be shocked we could be in the area because it smelled so bad but we did not notice. During the sauna program I noticed a smell that I quickly placed as this product. It continued to come out of my body for two months, I could smell it and at times it was overwhelming, I would get drowsy and headachy and nauseous and I was generally disgusted to smell the stuff. My numbness was changing all the time and diminishing over time. I never believed that eating well and doing the minimal exercise I was required to could do what it has done for my body. I have lost inches without losing weight and I am toned like I have NEVER been before all from just 30 minutes a day! 

After being educated I gave up Coca-cola, Orbitz gum, junk food and the sources of aspartame which could have had something to do with my medical condition and I have quit smoking. I now eat all organic food and finally I want to drink water daily. I want to exercise. My health has improved in that I can walk much better for longer periods of time. The day after I finished the program I worked at home all day up and down stairs continuously and out lasted my Mom, which would have been unheard of prior to the program. I no longer have to ride the motorized cart at the grocery store and I drive a car again. 

I would like to thank Mr. Hubbard for developing this program because it has given me hope. As the burden of my health problems have lessened I feel that I can once again LIVE my life and not be forced to exist as an invalid. Without it I would have faced many incorrect diagnoses and medical drugs and probably never regaining my ability and health. 

I highly recommend that everyone do this program but especially anyone who has worked in the various aspects of the construction business.