I have been utilizing, studying and recommending different detoxification protocols throughout my 25 years of private practice as well as employing them in my own personal self care program for longer than that. The sauna detoxification program, as directed by the Maulfair's, is one of the most profound methods that I have found for removing the accumulated toxins that plague modern humanity. The care and concern for detail offered by the staff and by Coleen Maulfair as she oversees the program enhance the value tremendously and I am grateful to have gone through the program, observed so many significant improvements in symptoms and to have laid the foundation for longevity and good health that could not have happened without this program. I recommend it to anyone who is truly interested in regaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overcoming the burdens of chemical toxicity.


I came here as a last resort because typical medical facilities could not or would not look into why I was having seizures. 

They started when I was 28, it wasn’t something I had all my life. I had all the medical studies done and no one could tell me why this was happening, they only offered drugs. Other than seizures and somehow related high blood pressure I did not have other health problems, but I felt discouraged and hopeless. Life just seemed hopeless. 

The sauna program helped rid my body of toxins, some of which I feel were chemicals I had been exposed to like aspartame, bismuth in makeup and pepto bismol, and lead from the community I live in and the over all toxins in the foods that we eat. My blood pressure ranges at least 40 points lower than before the program. My seizures have abated and we will see in the months to come, after time has passed, as to the real benefit of fewer or no seizures. I now have more energy and actually look forward to doing house work and work in my business. I look forward to doing more activities and going places and I do not feel so burdened by the possibility of having a seizure when I am out and about. My sleeping at night is higher quality sleep and I wake up rested and ready to go. Without the makeup my skin feels a lot nicer and smoother and my husband noticed. My face actually sweats now and I can stay healthy, before with the body burden of past makeup use my face would not sweat.

I think it is amazing that somehow Mr. Hubbard came up with all this and I am happy to reap the benefits of this program.


I'm so happy I attended your educational seminars to make me aware of alternative ways to wellness. After finding out how toxins build up and stay stored in the body's fat tissues, I knew the sauna detoxification program was a must for me. 

Years of smoking, rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, tons of x-rays, arthritis, prescription and non-prescription drugs were bogging me down. It was wonderful to know I didn't have to continue carrying a lot of this junk around with me forever by following the program's protocol. 

A year ago, I went for my annual mammography. The radiologist who read my film told me that the scar tissue from my lumpectomy 9 years earlier was growing. This was not a normal event since scar tissue stops forming after 5 years. Since my scar tissue was so dense, there couldn't be any biopsies so he and the surgeon's suggestion was to go in there and cut everything away. I passed on their suggestion and I'm so happy I did. Going through the purification program shrunk my scar tissue! I find myself more energized now I also learned how to select personal products to use that are not harmful to me.


I had been seeing a chiropractor for three months and still felt "something wasn't quite right." Although I was improving, there were several things about my own personal health that I did not see improvement of. I went to a free seminar about toxins and thought that the talk was directed to me. If toxins harboring in our bodies can cause problems and disease, I was well on my way with symptoms that were not providing a quality daily life. My father was also dying of Parkinson's related symptoms and I had watched him decline over 14 years. 

I found out more about the sauna detoxification program at another seminar and toured the facility. It was becoming clear to me that I needed this program for ultimate health. I had worked at a chemical company earlier in my life and had sprayed pesticides working as a landscaper. I didn't think I was in bad shape but my "well being" was not improving. I was not mobile because my joints hurt and my breathing was shallow at best. I had a yearly physical with my family physician who found arthritis in my hands and knee with x-ray and he wanted to prescribe medications. I would wake up with tingling feet and hands that felt like they were asleep and my hands felt like they were clenched. It was difficult to get out of bed. 

This went away on the program. I now run three miles with no pain and great lung capacity. My digestion was a problem I am not going to write about and now is 90% better. During the program I realized that the electronic gases I worked with over twenty years ago were prevalent in my "sweating it out". 

Today I can proudly say I'm a graduate of the program and I followed the process closely. I have gained all the benefits I was targeted for and a whole host of others that I had not imagined. I feel fortunate that I didn't wait until I was really sick to do this program; I was already sick enough and did not realize how great I could feel until today. The feeling of being 20 years younger, light on my feet, able to keep up with two teenage boys is amazing. My wife thought that I was a lot less negative than in the past. My quality of life has increased ten fold! For me, it's not about how long I live, but able to live each day with enthusiasm and joy and look forward to the future.

My father passed away while I was in the program and provided me the support and guidance that I needed to understand that life is not about suffering, it is about living productively. Mr. Hubbard is the man!! Thank you so much to the Maulfair Clinic.



The decision to travel to Pennsylvania to do the sauna detox program took me a while to make. I didn't know a single person who had done the program and, frankly, it sounded a bit wacky. I had a long list of health problems, however, and finally desperation won the day and I packed up the car. I now feel this was one of the best decisions of my life. 

Within the first few days my eyesight suddenly sharpened and colors became somehow much brighter. Soon I noticed that my mind was more focused and alert. Vocabulary words that I knew but rarely used began popping into my speech with no effort on my part. Then my legs became stronger. My coordination improved. It seemed like each day brought more small improvements which, after a few weeks, added up to a lot--more, in fact, than I had gotten going to expensive and highly touted mainstream doctors for years. 

I found the beginning of the program hard. Each night I just fell into bed or watched TV like a zombie. As the time went by, my energy slowly increased (I had virtually none when I arrived) and my boyfriend and I roamed the area after the program sightseeing, playing miniature golf and visiting our favorite local goat. My mood lightened up subtly at first and then very markedly. I had been treated for depression since high school with, to be charitable, very limited results. I never thought of mood disorders as toxin related. So I was surprised to find that the program really, really helped in this regard. I am on no medication whatsoever and my mood feels good and stable. I was not initially convinced that toxins in our environment could cause a host of health problems. I was just hoping for any help I could get. Now, however, I feel completely sure that this is a very major factor in a large variety of illnesses and I have gotten more help that I even dared to hope for. 

The program initially seemed expensive to me; I now view it was a huge bargain. If I had done this years ago, I would have saved the price of it many times over in money spent on useless treatments and idiot doctors.


In September of 2003, I had toes that turned a very dark blue and numbness in the bottom of my feet. They felt as though I was walking on sponges. I also suffered from severe headaches. After many tests, including a fat cell test, (editor's note: fat biopsy) it was discovered that I had a severe amount of toxins such as DDT, DDE and arsenic in my system.

I then decided to do the detoxification process. While this was not an easy task for me to do, I am very happy I did it as today my toes are the normal color once again and there is no numbness in my feet anymore. All the feeling has been restored. I think I have had only (1) headache since this procedure was done. This procedure is remarkable; I think without it eventually I would have lost my toes, not to mention balance and many other things that these toxins can do such as cause breast cancer etc.

I wish to thank Conrad and Coleen Maulfair very much for all they have done for me during this process and hope, as I am sure they will, help many more people.


By trade I am a carpenter and cabinet maker. The 32 years I spent as a cabinetmaker was spent inside a building 10-12 hours a day with all kinds of dust from the woodworking machines. The fumes from all kinds of glues, contact cements, paints, varnishes, lacquers, stains, paint removers and formaldehyde was enough to kill anyone. I've had many prescription drugs, anesthesia, x-rays, food preservatives, mercury poisoning, and the list goes on.