My Success story from the L Ron Hubbard Purification Program administered at the Maulfair Medical Center: 

I am a 48 year old male working in the HVAC/R trades for 30 years now. Approximately 3 years ago I started coming to the Maulfair Medical Center for assistance with various health symptoms. It was recommended that I participated in the Chelation Therapy Program & also the Purification Program. I decided to take the route of detoxification instead of medication and I am very pleased with my decision. 

Thanks to the Maulfair Medical Center & the L Ron Hubbard Purification Program administered at the Maulfair Medical Center my health has dramatically improved. I no longer need to take any form of medication, including pain meds. All of my faculties have improved and also my overall sense of wellbeing. As a bonus I no longer snore, my wife and I both get a restful night of sleep. 

Overall I feel wonderful and highly recommend this program. Special thanks to the professional, caring staff at the Maulfair Center for all of their help and support through the Program, also to my wife (TZ), and my twins that participated in the program with me JK and KR, and to the others that helped me through the Program. Best Wishes to All,

Love, SZ 


I'm so happy I attended your educational seminars to make me aware of alternative ways to wellness. After finding out how toxins build up and stay stored in the body's fat tissues, I knew the sauna detoxification program was a must for me. 

Years of smoking, rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatments, tons of x-rays, arthritis, prescription and non-prescription drugs were bogging me down. It was wonderful to know I didn't have to continue carrying a lot of this junk around with me forever by following the program's protocol. 

A year ago, I went for my annual mammography. The radiologist who read my film told me that the scar tissue from my lumpectomy 9 years earlier was growing. This was not a normal event since scar tissue stops forming after 5 years. Since my scar tissue was so dense, there couldn't be any biopsies so he and the surgeon's suggestion was to go in there and cut everything away. I passed on their suggestion and I'm so happy I did. Going through the purification program shrunk my scar tissue! I find myself more energized now I also learned how to select personal products to use that are not harmful to me.