Toxic sources

Toxic Exposures and Your Body

There are millions, maybe bigillions, my word, of chemical reactions going on in our bodies every moment as the body tries to maintain homeostasis.  Vitamins and minerals are employed as cofactors in thousands of enzymatic activities in the body.  In its efforts to be healthy it is relying on acquiring the necessities of life and health.


The requirements for life and health are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins & minerals, water and oxygen.  Chemicals of any kind are not on the list, heavy metals are not on the list, perfumes are not on the list, food additives and dyes are not on the list, pharmaceutical drugs are not on the list, nor street drugs.  It may be that some chemical substance is needed to overcome a symptom or poor health condition but if so they should be used at the smallest amount and for the shortest time possible.   If they are not needed as a constituent for health what does the body do with them?


Dr. Maulfair often says if you swallow something or breathe something you have committed your body to doing something with it.  If you fail to sweat out a toxin, or pee or poo it out, it is stored in the body's fat tissue mainly, but also other places.  You can bet it is disrupting some normal function in the body interfering with what should be happening on a cellular level.  Enough of that and you have a problem, a health problem.

Pesticides disrupt hormone production and activity in the body; hence we have girls menstruating at an early age, infertility for both sexes, overweight or just huge kids often from growth hormones in dairy products.  Food additives like msg cause weight gain and cravings for more food; you feel over hungry when you are eating junk food.  Your body thinks it is starving on a poor diet and packs on the weight as a defensive measure.  Chemicals in plastics, styrofoam, and food production also add to the health problems we face.

When you go to a physician with the problem of fatigue or exhaustion do you ever get asked what you do for a living, or how you may have accumulated toxins?  It does not happen unless you see an enlightened physician that can also do something about it.  In most medical centers they cannot do anything about your chemical exposures so they do not bring it up. 

We had the pleasure recently of helping two people who had debilitating exhaustion, overwhelming fatigue.  One was a pharmacist and the other a Marine Veteran.  Both of them participated in a program to reduce the levels of toxins in their bodies.  If toxins were not the cause or contributing factor reducing the amount would not result in more energy with the fatigue reducing.  It did.  We offer a sauna detoxification program that reduces the toxic burden of the body.  We recommend to our clients many strategies for avoiding exposure to toxins while they are with us.

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Thanks for taking your time to "listen."  We hope this helps you in some way.

Coleen Maulfair