Hubbard protocl sauna detoxification

World Trade Center Rescue Worker and Sauna Results

What a story.  The Rescue Worker's Detoxification Project utilized the Hubbard Sauna Protocol to help people affected and this thanks comes from Shirley G. 

Dear Mr.___,

How do you thank someone for literally saving your life?  I've never had to do that until today and I gratefully do so now.  I am a sixty-two year old woman who has spent the last ten years dedicating my life to helping survivors of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and giving others hope and showing them that they have strength to begin the new life of living without a loved one.  My own son was a twenty-seven year old Metropolitan Police Officer with six outstanding years on the Department in Washington, D.C. when he was murdered in cold blood as he sat in a marked cruiser, waiting for a stop light to change.  He was in full uniform and had never had any contact with the twenty-three year old who decided to kill a cop.  My son had been married for four years and had a thirteen month old daughter.  He was buried on their fourth wedding anniversary.

It took a year of grieving before I made the decision that the only way to help myself was to begin helping others who were going through the same pain I had gone through for that year.  I took courses in grief counseling, critical incidents, stress management and anything else I could to help prepare myself to be of service, never realizing that a terrorist attack would occur in 2001.  When the World Trade Center was attacked I was called and asked to come with our Critical Incident Stress Management Team to New York to do whatever could be done to help.  I readily agreed and arrived on September 22, 2001.

We were given paper masks and taken to the site.  The fires were still burning in the giant heaps of debris that had so recently been two of the most powerful structures in the world.  We worked there most days for sixteen to eighteen hours, bringing water, food, and whatever else was needed, but mostly I sat and listened to the rescue workers talk when they stopped to rest, simply because they needed someone to listen to them.

It never crossed my mind that being there would be harmful, but a couple years later I began having respiratory problems that my doctors diagnosed as bronchitis, or asthma.  The symptoms occurred more frequently, and I began having bouts of pneumonia as well.  I was prescribed steroids, anti-depressants, painkillers, antibiotics, blood pressure medication and finally, oxygen twenty-four hours a day.  I was afraid to sleep without oxygen because I was told that it was possible that I might stop breathing while I slept.  The lung specialist finally referred me to the Lung Transplant Center in Fairfax, Virginia to be put on a transplant list.  When I wast told that most people who had lung transplants lived for a year, but some lived as long as five years, I knew I did not like those odds.

Some friends of mine in law enforcement knew about the New York Rescue Worker Detoxification Project and without my knowledge, sought to see if this  might be an option for me.  I came to the New York Center for the first time in March 2008.  I had my portable oxygen tank with me and could not walk more than twenty feet without stopping to get enough air in my lungs to keep going.  The doctor at the Center began a tapering down schedule to get me off the steroids that were literally killing me, and I was given vitamins to take back home.

I just completed the treatment program and the results are absolutely unbelievable!  I am no longer on any medications.  When I arrived here I was able to manage three minutes on the treadmill, now I do twenty minutes each day.  I haven't needed oxygen at all since the first week I was here and walk back and forth from the Center without even breathing hard.  Your generous sponsorship has helped me to have my life back and the chance to enjoy my family and friends once more.  I came here doubtful that anything could help me and I am now a BELIEVER!

My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hears for helping give me back my life.

Hugs, S.G

What Happens in the Sauna?

Observing clients in our sauna detoxification program is all you need to be certain chemical contaminants are at the bottom of tough, unrelenting health problems.  Sweating out colors and odors of chemical residues are not the only occurrences.  Often old injuries appear and hang around for a bit and then dissipate.  The resurgence of health and relief of symptoms follows. Sounds strange. 

When you realize how the body works and how conditions can become worse as we age it is easier to understand the connections of stored chemicals to illness.   The body stores chemicals chiefly in adipose tissue when it is unable to release the chemicals it considers as poisons through the usual detoxification pathways.  The Hubbard protocol of sauna detoxification takes exquisite advantage of what the body does in an effort to stay healthy; it sweats and exhales and sheds contaminants in urine and feces and when it cannot do that it stores them in adipose (fat) tissue because fat tissue is metabolically relatively inactive.  A limited blood supply makes fat tissue a storage mechanism that almost works.  It works until  you burn the fat tissue for energy releasing the chemical it has stored back into the blood stream.  There is an endless effort on the part of the body to capture these chemicals in fat.  The body knows chemicals are not needed, are dangerous, and try's to protect itself.

You need clean food, water and air and environment to be healthy.  When you breathe and put perfume on your hair and body, for instance, you are taking in petrol chemicals.  Perfumes can be manufactured of  as many as 400+ chemicals that result in the particular smell, they are reactive and molecules spring into the air and go up your and someone else's nose directly into your lungs where there is a lining, single cell deep, between the "air" you breathe and your blood stream.  Those chemicals being foreign to the body are directed into fat storage to get them out of circulation where they do the most damage.

The Hubbard protocol handles these activities of the body very well.  With vitamins and minerals and replacement of salt, potassium and electrolytes the body repairs itself as the contaminants are sweated out over time.  This is a daily program.  Soon after starting your body is detoxifying 24 hours a day.

Back to my mission of the bringing this program to our Veterans as well as our patients.  It is a miraculous experience to watch someone who is ill recover in a few short weeks.  Recover from health problems that have not resolved under other protocols,  some of these conditions are scary and wreak havoc on their lives.  Crushing fatigue was a problem for two clients who completed this program last month.  They had tried other therapies but were left with serious fatigue.  They are much, much improved now and feel the program is worth it.  It works.

Coleen Maulfair