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Detoxification for Veterans and Construction Workers

When you look for underlying reasons for health problems and symptoms you find toxins in one form or another at the base of the mountain.

Changing your diet, detoxifying with a number of common methods can do wonders for your health and well being.  Some people, however, find they cannot get lasting results with self-care and these are the people who need the help of a program of thorough detoxification.

Toxins are stored in adipose tissue throughout the body.  That’s right, fat tissue.  The body chooses fat tissue because it has a low blood supply, so storing toxins in fat means they may stay out of circulation in the blood stream for some time;  until the time you are exercising or missing a meal and your body burns “that” fat tissue for energy.  The only thing you notice is you feel like you are drugged or spacey or just plain ill; developing a headache for no reason you can put your finger on.  The reason is within you, your body just released from fat storage a bit of toxins into your blood stream and you are feeling it.  Most people answer this problem with more toxins, like an aspirin or antidepressant.  That does not work; it makes you worse over time.

The science is strong and growing in scope.  The Environmental Working Group found evidence of 287 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 infants.  The US Geological Survey measured organic wastewater contaminants (owc's) in 139 streams in 30 of our 50 states.  80% of the streams had measurable “owc’s” including cholesterol drugs, insect repellents, triclosan (an anti-microbial), fire retardants and detergent.  80,000 tons of carcinogens are released into the air annually in North America; there are 2100 chemicals in most municipal water supplies and over 50,000 chemicals in commercial use.  The toxic metal cadmium in the air over 28 cities is connected to higher levels of vascular diseases for residents in those cities.  NYU School of Medicine researchers established a causal link between air pollution and arteriosclerosis in 2005.  The Environmental Health Perspectives Journal cited toxins such as PCB’s, dioxin and pesticides increase arteriosclerosis and fat in artery walls.  We could go on and on.   The body of scientific knowledge of the health problems cause by contaminants grows monthly.

As you age it starts to become apparent that you are harboring more toxins as you can experience a lasting fatigue, or if a user in the past you crave drugs, while developing symptoms that stick around.  Symptoms arising from toxic metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium and other others, as well as pesticides, herbicides, food additives like msg and aspartame and the toxins from medical and street drugs accumulate and overwhelm your liver and other organs or simply give you symptoms that do not go away.

Taking antioxidants helps in the detoxification pathways and prevents some toxins from harming your body.  Utilizing various detoxification protocols like colonics and digestive detoxification methods helps to some extent but fail to reach the toxins stored in adipose tissue and the myelin sheath around the nerves of the body.   What releases the toxins from deep fat stores throughout the body?  We know of no other effective program to do so other than chelation therapy for heavy metal detoxification and the Hubbard method of sauna detoxification of the hundreds of other chemicals and poisons and mercury in your body stores.

With the daily use of nutrients and niacin, mild exercise and dry heat sauna you can reduce the levels of toxins in your body to the point where you feel a resurgence in well being, energy and mental clarity you desire.  The complete program protocol can be found in the book by Hubbard, Clear Body Clear Mind.  Followed precisely this program is profound in its benefits.

Chelation therapy can be used as a preventive program to clean up the ravages of daily living with a maintenance program of a treatment every month.  Taking high quality nutrients and eating clean, organic foods, avoiding the chemicals in manufactured foods, goes a long way in preventing the build up toxins in your body.  Avoiding sources of contamination is key to healthy aging and keeping ones wits.


Chemical contamination is not always recognized as a causative or contributory factor for illness, even when following an isolated event involving known substances. In non-occupationally-exposed individuals it often remains undiagnosed and related symptoms are assigned to other causes. We are being contaminated daily by unregulated chemicals of unknown toxicity. It is undeniable, however, that daily contamination by a range of chemicals whose toxicity and long term health affects are not fully understood is a fact of modern life. Recent biomonitoring surveys show that people carry mixtures of highly toxic chemicals. There is a dearth of knowledge on the relationships between body burden levels and health risks in any population.

The following three cases are similar in that none had a known exposure incident. We surmise an etiology of gradual exposure and increased body burden that occurred over time and resulted in disease. Each case underwent the Hubbard method of detoxification with chief complaints resolving on program completion. Routine metals testing showed toxic levels of various heavy metals and there is evidence of elimination during treatment that deserves future study. One case also underwent biopsy that revealed additional data about fat stored toxins, also reduced by this therapy. Daily written report of progress details, medical examination and laboratory tests aid in monitoring progress.

A disturbing pattern of human health damage has emerged that appears to be linked to synthetic chemical substances. The Hubbard method of detoxification appears to fit well in emerging prevention paradigms: As a means to undo the health effects of contamination while scientists and regulators address long-term environmental solutions.

Case 1:

LW was a 45 year old, 127 pound, non-smoking female who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent mastectomy without chemotherapy or radiation for one year prior to enrollment in the Hubbard method of detoxification. Her lifestyle included regular exercise and a primarily vegetarian diet with nutrient supplementation. She had a good health history except for mild familial glaucoma, persistent bleeding gums and migraine headaches that developed during college. 

Laboratory tests conducted prior to mastectomy included hair trace mineral analysis, red blood cell trace mineral analysis, CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel, 24 hour urine hormone collection, urinalysis, ferritin, iron and copper. Test results were within normal ranges except for her mineral evaluation which revealed fairly significant toxic metals and urine hormone which indicated low normal estrogen. She was diagnosed with heavy metal overload and elected to undergo sauna detoxification.

Fat biopsy before detoxification also revealed high levels of various pesticides, including DDE above linear range for this test. These are correlated in the medical literature with development of breast cancer. Pesticide levels were reduced approximately 60 percent during detoxification.

Reduction in Chlorinated Pesticides

(21 pesticide panel: Accu-Chem Laboratories)

During her 18 day program reaching 3000 niacin on a gradient, a persistent rash that existed prior to treatment resolved as did the tendency of her gums to bleed. At completion she states “…most incredibly I have such a sense of well being. After being diagnosed with cancer I felt anxious about my future. I was sure that there was an environmental factor at play and was uncertain how to handle this issue. The purification program was my answer. I truly believe I have been given back my life.” She had noticed her bleeding gums stopped during the program and have not reoccurred to date enabling her to avoid a bone graph. She enjoys good dental health with no redness or swelling or bleeding of gum tissue.

Case 2:

PS was a 40 year, 165 pound, female, non-smoker, speech and language pathologist for New York Public Schools and various private schools. Her chief complaints included high sensitivity to food, chemicals and agricultural products, along with various nervous system, endocrine, circulatory, allergic, musculoskeletal and skin symptoms. She was diagnosed with fibroids, endometriosis and GERN in 1999. She was sleeping only five hours per night.

She tried a total of 15 prescription medication and 5 over the counter medications to address her symptoms over the five years prior to enrolling in the Hubbard method. Laboratory tests conducted prior to enrollment included hair trace mineral analysis, red blood cell trace mineral analysis, comprehensive stool analysis, CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel, 24-hour urine hormone collection, urinalysis, ferritin, iron and copper. These test revealed significant intestinal dysbiosis and malabsorption, anemia, significant toxic metal overload, and low estrogen levels.

She completed the program in 78 days after gradiently reaching 5000 mg of niacin. During the program there were a number of notable events. After 7 days of therapy, she experienced stinging and burning of her scalp accompanied by the smell of ammonia in her sweat and on the towels. She attributes this to hair relaxer she used throughout her life. Her scalp did not begin to sweat until after day 27 on the program. She also developed a pattern of skin rashes and burns consistent with the chemical in the hair product, calcium hydroxide. These were healing by program completion and later cleared. Fecal matter analysis during the program showed elimination of many metals including antimony, arsenic, beryllium, tungsten and uranium.

Patterns of skin rashes that cleared during detoxification

Patterns of skin rashes that cleared during detoxification

78 day detoxification program achieving 5000 mg niacin

78 day detoxification program achieving 5000 mg niacin

At completion she stats “The first thing I noticed was the improvement in my blood circulation, my fingers and toes used to be white, almost blue, and painful especially in cold weather. This improved early in the program and remains fine. I have also noticed a decrease in joint pain. My past scalp irritations due to chemical relaxers caused sensitivity and burning, the burns that appeared during the program are now healing well. My visual perception increased and I am more aware of my surroundings, my friends have noticed I have lost weight. I am more energetic and feel happy.”

Case 3:

KB was a 38 year old, 140 pound female, non-smoker, minister’s wife and musician. Her chief complaints include swelling in her neck that impairs her voice and ability to swallow, she had been experiencing serious mood swings and disturbed thought patterns which caused her so much stress she had, about a year prior to detoxification therapy, checked herself into a psychiatric hospital to avoid acting on her destructive and violent thoughts. She believes this is explained by mercury poisoning from dental amalgams including additional contamination during their removal done without a protective rubber dam.

Additionally, she experiences fatigue, dizziness, and some gastrointestinal problems. She was prescribed various psychiatric medications which she discontinued after a short time of taking each of them. Laboratory tests conducted prior to enrollment included hair trace mineral analysis, CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel, 24-hour urine hormone collection, urinalysis, ferritin, iron and copper. Test results were with normal ranges except for significant heavy metal overload.

She completed the Hubbard program in 55 days at 5000 mg of niacin. Fecal matter analysis during the program showed elimination of many metals especially mercury as well as arsenic, copper and uranium. During the program, marks she attributed to the mercury contamination during amalgam removal appeared around her mouth. She experienced a number of emotional incidents that finally lessened and then ceased. At different times a number of materials appeared in her sweat or on her body including a pink perfume she used as a girl, ink scribbles she made on her hands as a girl, and a blue color, during one day she smelled like mosquito repellent for a few hours. 

She reports that “I now have more energy, in fact a lot of energy. I feel more connected and emotionally alive. Friends say I look healthier; my eyes are expressive and clear. This is truly an amazing program in that accomplish sooo much in such a short period of time. Thank you.”